About Us

     Chocolate Counter is a Los Angeles based chocolate boutique with a selection of plentiful handmade delicacies. Our ultimate goal is to provide not only our local communities with a taste of premium made chocolate, but the entire world eventually as well. What separates our company from the rest of our fellow chocolatiers is the passion and love we have for producing our sweets; constantly striving towards offering the highest quality and best tasting chocolate there is on the market.

    Chocolate Counter came into existence after our founders stumbled upon a small chocolate workshop where they discovered a family producing their own collection of delicious, handmade confections. After this discovery, our owners had no doubt in mind that their next desire was to produce chocolate of similar design and bring it back home to the Los Angeles region. It would be a shame for tasteful sweets of such elegance to be hidden from the rest of the world and left in the darkness. Thus, Chocolate Counter was born and ready to provide sweet-lovers the best there is to offer.

   Our selection of hand-made chocolates is produced fairly and sustainably using raw materials. Each item is hand designed, tempered, set, finished, and wrapped by a team of expert artisans with nothing less than passion and craft put into each piece. Thanks to modern technology and internet advancements, you can receive your finely assorted box of chocolates right to your doorstep without leaving the comfort of your home, no matter what part of the world you may be in! Packaged in a thermostable padding, your order of delectable confections will arrive fresh and free of harm's way. 

   Don’t wait! Visit our shop, browse by collection, or just leave it all on us with one of our assorted mixed boxes. As for our extreme chocolate enthusiasts, you can sign up for a monthly dose of deliciousness with one of our subscription boxes! Place your order now and soon enough, you will experience the Chocolate Counter’s craft of perfection first-hand.